What is suicide?

Well suicide is an act of taking one’s own life…. It’s an act of being the cause of one’s own death intentionally….

What causes People to commit suicide?

A lot of people have Commited Suicide due to different serious situations like heartbreak, emotional distress, sadness, depression, fear, mental trauma, bipolar disorder, addictions and the likes and even unreasonable reasons like loss of phone etc….

Is suicide an option?

No No No. Suicide is never an option because it is like signing a death sentence here on Earth and in eternity… It’s like choosing sorrow and more sorrow… It’s a deadly mistake that should never be made…

RIP: Nigerian Celebrities Who Commited Suicide;

Seun Omagagi

Seun as a lot of people know was a popular Nigerian DJ..

According to reports, he was having issues in his marriage so he took sniper and died..

A lot of Nigerians were totally shocked because it was totally unexpected…

However his last post would have made him get attention if people had looked into it well but no one really have the post attention and the next news was his Death..

Take a look at a screenshot of his last post on Instagram;

Oluwapelumi Orungbe

This Beautiful young lady was an OAP in Nigeria by name Oluwapelumi Orungbe…

In case you don’t know OAP means an ON AIR PERSONALITY….

According to reports, no one had an idea that she would die because there were no clues or hints or indications…. It just took everyone by surprise… She Commited Suicide in Lagos State…

Take a look at her last tweet ;

Her best friend posted about the incident as she was also in shock and pain… Take a look at the post;

Suicide is not an option…. We have only one life to live and challenges are numerous…. It makes no sense to take away the single life we have because of the challenges life may throw…

Challenges come to make you a stronger person and giving up is something you should never do…

When faced with a situation that seems tough and hurting no matter what it is talk to God… He will hear you if you’re righteous…. and if you give your life to him……He’s always always always there even when you think or feel that He’s not, He is!

Don’t take your life for anybody or anything….

Don’t allow the pain you fee at that point mess you up.. the pain wont last forever but if you’re gone, you’re gone for good…

Do not waste your life, live it, fight and if you fall, get up again till you reach your destination…

May their souls rest in peace

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