Eminel 9AM

One of the foremost prominent emerging artists, Eminel is quickly making a reputation for himself within the music industry. The talented singer and songwriter released His Debut single titled 9 AM.

“9 AM.” Hip-Hop/Rap release delivers a cool production with captivating instrumental, resonating vocals, and a midtempo beat driven by a bright piano tone. Produced by Ramsonz beat, mixed, and mastered by MxM Ojoro.

This is precisely the type of record that proves there’s no doubt Eminel is an artist to stay an eye fixed on. 9 AM will capture anyone from the primary note and can leave people wanting more.

Eminel message-heavy lyricism and wordplay will take listeners on a fantastic musical journey and make a toxic relationship together with his listeners.

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With powerful lyricism, Eminel maintains a totally charged arsenal of high-quality music that supports the very fact that he’s set to form a robust impact on the music industry and therefore the charts.

9 AM maybe a testament to his versatility as a musician and his innate talent. 9 AM is a must-listen-to single as he set to release more captivating music in months and years to come. 9 AM is out there on all streaming platforms.

Eminel seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism with listeners around the world and inspire them.

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