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Here's What Actually Happened Between Mercy and Ike (Photos).

Earlier today I started seeing posts and chatter about Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema apparently breaking up. For those of you who don’t know, Mercy and Ike were contestants on the 4th season of the very popular reality television show, Big Brother Naija, here in Nigeria.

Mercy Eke went on to win the show and one of the things that we as viewers really got to watch and enjoy was her relationship with fellow housemate, Ike Onyema. The two fell really hard for each other and their love was so mesmerizing to audience members so much so that after they both left the house, they got the offer to do a reality TV show chronicling their life together titled “Mercy and Ike”.

Mercy and Ike have been a solid couple for what seems to be over a year now. So what happened? How did it come to this? And what is ‘this’ exactly? We’ll get into all of that and more below. Are you ready to jump in? Then let’s go!

So let me catch you up on what is going on right now.

Not too long ago, Ike Onyema was attacking men on his page who simply said that actress, Ruby, was finer than his girlfriend Mercy Eke.

**Quick gist about that one – a fan posted a picture of Ruby and Ike:

Then the below exchange happened.

That was not too long ago where Ike was defending Mercy. Today, the story is different. Earlier today, a close friend of Mercy Eke took to Snapchat to post a picture where Mercy is seen hugging a man that is not Ike. The friend captioned the picture: “Love is a beautiful thing @sugarplum055 can’t wait.”

After that Mercy took to her own Snapchat to post the below pictures captioned “Good morning from Mrs H” and “Off to court” with a ring emoji.

What has Ike had to say about all of this you ask? Well, Ike too has been throwing jabs.

Ike took to Instagram to post a picture of himself and in the caption, the bit that caught everyone’s eye was where Ike wrote:

The moment when everything changed was when I realized I deserve so much better. Real Gold and Real Cognac Diamonds. Done with the fake…

But things didn’t end there.

Ike also took to Snapchat to post this picture which reads:

Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate.


Well, Mercy didn’t keep quiet and has also posted her own sub at Ike. The reality star took to Twitter to write:

For my ladies! When a man is useless, I mean very useless in every aspect of life, I mean to the point his family is aware of his uselessness drop him like used sanitary pad that you will never use again. Mrs H.

Ghen Ghen!

So now, you’re all caught up on what is going on, but what caused it??

Have Mercy and Ike really broken up? Is this break up for real for real ? Well, the social media posts seem to indicate so but a lot of people don’t think so at all.

In fact, a lot of people believe that all of this is a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming second season of their reality TV show, Mercy and Ike.

I find that very easy to believe, I’m not even going to lie.

Somebody noted that apparently Mercy is still following Ike’s cousin and ike is still following Mercy’s sister so it’s proof that it’s all a stunt.

I don’t know if following family members really means that they’re still together. What I DO Know though is that Mercy Eke is not only too much of a showgirl but also very business-savvy and so would not just break up with Ike and get married to a whole other man within the space of a week. It simply doesn’t make sense and so I think I agree with the people on this one. I truly believe that this is all a publicity stunt. This is WHAT NEXT!

That’s All.

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