Joe Biden, US former vice president and presidential hopeful, has given his supporters his words, saying he will fight for them “rain or shine.”

The 77-year-old gave this assurance on Tuesday, November 3, through a post on Instagram where he commands over 5 million followers.

Biden, a former senator who served as the 47th US vice president under Barack Obama, is being favoured to win the election according to many online poll and predictions.

Since 1963, only three Democrats: Jimmy Carter (1965), Bill Clinton (1992 -1996) and Barrack Obama (2009-2017) have won the presidential election, with Republicans taking a dominant run in the Oval Office.

If Biden wins the election, he will become the oldest president in the US history and the fourth head of state to be produced from the Democratic household in recent times.

Expressing optimism on Tuesday, Biden promised to safeguard the interest of the Americans in the time of delight and turbulence.

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